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Trump Weighs Replacing His Travel Ban With Tailored Restrictions

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President Donald Trump is weighing replacing his ban on travelers entering the U.S. from six predominantly Muslim nations with a set of more specific and tailored restrictions based, in part, on how much information countries share with the U.S. The Department of Homeland Security has sent Trump recommendations for entry restrictions and additional visa requirements based on shortcomings in the information each country shares with the U.S. and an assessment of the risk of terrorist infiltration the nation poses, administration officials told reporters on Friday. The changes could be put in place as soon as this weekend, with a new […]

Oil Buys Trump’s Calm But Ignores the Storm

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The U.S. commander-in-chief informed the nation on Thursday evening that a meeting he was having with military brass might be "the calm before the storm." President Donald Trump didn't elaborate, brushing off reporters' questions with a more-after-the-break response. It's possible he meant nothing; you may recall he blithely undercut the $3.8 trillion muni-bond market this week with a choice remark about Puerto Rico's debt getting "wiped out." (Yeah? Nah.) Yet there is a storm looming in the shape of a decision about the nuclear deal with Iran. On October 15, the administration must either re-certify that Tehran is complying with its terms and […]

Trump Aides Defend Rocket Man Tag in UN Speech on North Korea

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President Read More: Macron Uses UN Pedestal to Rebut Trump on Iran, Climate North Korea has been the most urgent issue before the UN since the Kim regime’s Sept. 3 test of what it claimed was a hydrogen bomb and the launching of two missiles over Japan in the past month. Trump thanked both Russia and China for their support for the latest round of sanctions on North Korea but indirectly criticized China for continuing to trade with the isolated nation. He also cited “threats to sovereignty, from the Ukraine to the South China Sea,” unambiguous references to actions by […]
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