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Baseball no longer a supergiant but it is still the most American of sports

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The World Series does not consume the US as it once did. But baseball still offers a window on the best and the worst of America Baseball has long seen itself as Americas game, a game as great-hearted, humble and fundamentally decent as America itself. And for the better part of the 20th-century, at least in terms of the games popularity, baseball was indeed Americas game, and its biggest stars were famous in a way that athletes simply arent famous anymore. Fans in the 1920s traveled hundreds of miles just to see Babe Ruth, and the New York Daily News […]

Are Manchester City and NYC FC any closer to conquering America?

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In their third season, New York City FC still play in Yankee Stadium. But results have improved and they aim to become one of the USs biggest clubs As Pep Guardiolas players emerged from the concrete bowels of the Los Angeles Coliseum, the fans jeered. The boos came as little surprise. Real Madrid are such an overwhelming darling of the Spanish speaking communities of southern California, that last months pre-season encounter against the Champions League winners was akin to an away game for City. In the years to come, maybe we can seduce more people to follow us and be […]
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