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Donald Trump threatens to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea in UN speech

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President castigates a small group of rogue regimes and says Iran nuclear deal an embarrassment to the United States Donald Trump has threatened to George W Bushs Axis of Evil State of the Union address more than 15 years earlier, Trump said: The scourge of our planet today are a small group of rogue regimes. If the righteous many do not confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph, the president said. He first singled out his newly adopted epithet for Kim Jong-un, Trump said: Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. He said […]

A blunt, fearful rant: Trump’s UN speech left presidential norms in the dust

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His maiden address was unlike any delivered by a US president, and when it was over a sense of incoherence and menace hung in the air Donald Trumps maiden address to the UN general assembly was unlike any ever delivered in the chamber by a US president. There are precedents for such fulminations, but not from US leaders. In tone, the speech was more reminiscent of Nikita Khrushchev, Fidel Castro or Hugo Chvez. It did echo George W Bushs 2002 axis of evil speech. That was delivered to a domestic audience, and there was little doubt that in his mind […]

Hunger eats away at Venezuelas soul as its people struggle to survive

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The Maduro regime denies its once oil-rich country is in crisis. But on the streets the desperation cannot be hidden Hunger is gnawing at Venezuela, where a government that claims to rule for the poorest has left most of its 31million people short of food, many desperately so. As night falls over Caracas, and most of the citys residents lock their doors against its ever more violent streets, Adriana Velsquez gets ready for work, heading out into an uncertain darkness as she has done since hunger forced her into the only job she could find at 14. She was introduced […]

Hugo Chavz’s brother among eight Venezuelans placed under US sanctions

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Fresh sanctions aim to punish individuals for their role in creating President Maduros new constituent assembly, which has been widely condemned The Trump administration has imposed sanctions on eight more Venezuelan officials, including the brother of late socialist leader Nicols Maduros creation of a new legislative superbody, US officials said. The US targeted individual politicians and security figures but stopped short of placing broader financial or sectoral sanctions on its vital oil industry though such actions, the officials told Reuters, are still under consideration. The new measures announced by the Treasury Department will freeze their US assets, ban them from […]

Venezuela crisis: US imposes fresh sanctions in effort to stop rewrite of constitution

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Sanctions unveiled for alleged human rights abuses and corruption, as opposition activists launch 48-hour strike before vote on constitution rewrite The United States Nicols Maduro as opposition activists launched a 48-hour strike in protest against an upcoming vote they say will mark the end of democracy. The sanctions unveiled on Wednesday targeted current and former government officials, high-ranking military officers, and managers of the state oil company known as PDVSA for alleged human rights abuses, undermining democracy and corruption. But they were also part of an international effort to pressure Maduro to cancel this Sundays election to a day after […]

Export-Import Bank gave $8.5bn to Mexico oil firm despite deadly accidents

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US agency kept financing state-owned Pemex even as more than 190 Pemex workers and contractors have died in fires, explosions and collapses since 2009 Fires, explosions and collapsing offshore rigs have cost the lives of more than 190 workers at facilities run by Mexicos state-owned oil company since 2009. Yet American taxpayers have backed loans to the company worth more than $8.5bn during the Obama years, through an obscure agency which has 16 hours, 36 vessels and cost the oil company $825m, according to insurance reports. Thirty-four days later, another Pemex offshore rig collapsed, killing two and injuring 10. And […]
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