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Hawaii judge blocks latest Trump travel ban with hours to spare

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Derrick Watson grants states request to temporarily prevent federal enforcement of the most recent batch of restrictions A judge in Hawaii has blocked the most recent restrictions affect citizens of

Congress’s failure to fund Zika bill fuels fears virus will continue to spread

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Government-funded clinical vaccine trials will grind to a halt by August without congressional action, researchers warn, as 1,300 have been diagnosed in US Congress left town on Thursday without funding any emergency preparations against the Zika virus. Frustrated vaccine researchers predicted clinical trials would grind to a halt by August. Local mosquito control departments, without federal resources, will maintain wildly disparate resources, leaving some cities and towns with $1.1bn for emergency preparations died in the Senate. And a House bill for $622m sank, Republican criticism that fueled a $5.4bn Ebola response before the 2014 mid-term elections. The virus, primarily spread […]
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