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What its like to be struck by lightning

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The long read: If you are hit by lightning, you are likely to survive. But what do hundreds of millions of volts feel like? Sometimes theyll keep the clothing, the strips of shirt or trousers that werent cut away and discarded by the doctors and nurses. Theyll tell and retell their story at family gatherings and online, sharing pictures and news reports of survivals like their own, or far bigger tragedies. The video of a tourist hit on a Brazilian beach, or the Texan struck dead while out running. The 65 people killed during four stormy days in Bangladesh. Only […]

‘Feminist’ Canada has workplace gender gap worth $150bn, says report

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Despite Justin Trudeaus efforts to stress his countrys female-friendly credentials, a new report has identified a substantial gender gap in its workplaces. Is Canadas feminist image too good to be true? Canadas prime minister is a first gender-equal cabinet made headlines worldwide. Recently, his government has released what has been called the first 124-page report, it describes tackling enduring gender inequalities at work as a considerable economic opportunity for Canada, which it predicts could add upwards of $150bn to the countrys GDP by 2026. McKinseys Tiffany Vogel data from Canadas national statistics agency shows that for every $1 a man […]
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