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Trump Balks at Showing Classified Report Backing Travel Ban

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President Donald Trump says those challenging the latest version of his travel ban in court can’t see a report explaining why he targeted immigrants from seven nations because it’s secret. The government on Friday told a Hawaii federal judge who demanded disclosure of the report that it’s classified and should remain off-limits as evidence in the court battle. That judge blocked a previous version of the president’s immigration restrictions amid a fierce debate over national security and discrimination. U.S. Supreme Court case: “The Executive should not have to disclose its ‘real’ reasons for deeming nationals of a particular country a […]

Erdogan’s Escalating Feud With U.S. Hammers Turkish Markets

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Markets in Istanbul tumbled after the U.S. and Turkey stopped issuing visas for each other’s citizens in a spat related to last year’s failed coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, deepening divisions between NATO members already at odds over the war in Syria. The Trump administration halted visa services for Turks on Sunday, citing the Oct. 4 arrest of a Turkish citizen employed at the U.S. consulate in Istanbul for alleged involvement in the July 2016 putsch attempt. Erdogan’s government responded in kind within hours, repeating verbatim much of the U.S. statement. “The implementation of a such a decision by the U.S. […]

Spain Vows to Double Down on Catalonia Opposition

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Spain moved to turn the screws on Catalonia as the European Union refused to recognize the rebel region’s bid for independence, sending the country into its biggest crisis since the end of Francisco Franco’s dictatorship and threatening to unravel a four-decade old democratic settlement. After a day of violence in the region on Sunday when the central government sent in police to disrupt voting in an illegal referendum on independence, Justice Minister Rafael Catala said it would use all the tools at its disposal — including if necessary the suspension of Catalonia’s autonomy — to enforce the rule of law. […]

Here Are the Biggest Cases Coming Up at the Supreme Court This Term

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Justice Neil Gorsuch’s first full term on the U.S. Supreme Court promises to show just how much was at stake with his appointment. The term that opens Monday is full of ideologically divisive cases that could turn on a single vote, starting with arguments over worker class-action lawsuits and political gerrymandering of election districts. The court will consider whether gay rights must yield to business owners’ religious beliefs, and the justices on Thursday Neil Gorsuch aligned himself with the court’s conservative wing. Gorsuch’s presence could make the difference in many of the court’s biggest cases in the nine-month term. The […]
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