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For Catalans, the Question Is Compliance or Defiance to Madrid

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Normal weekend routines like shopping, soccer and strolling prevailed in Catalonia even as the first test of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s decision to take over the breakaway region approached, with Catalans weighing compliance versus defiance. When schools and government offices open Monday, teachers and civil servants will decide whether to follow the ousted Catalan leaders’ calls to resist their Spanish masters or acquiesce to the new reality. A smooth transition in the Catalan police force, with the new chief accepting Madrid’s rule, marked an initial success for Rajoy. "The more moderate and pragmatic elements probably realize they’re not going to […]

Venezuelans Line Up for Local Votes Seen as Referendum on Maduro

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Venezuelans have become used to lines for increasingly valueless cash and scarce food. On Sunday, they lined up to show their anger at the polls. Voters are choosing governors in all 23 of Venezuela’s states, with opponents of President Nicolas Maduro widely expected to win in areas long dominated by his socialist regime. After months of bloody protests that rocked the capital of Caracas, election day began in relative calm despite claims that Maduro’s allies were trying to sway the vote by causing delays and relocating voting stations at the last minute. Carmen Paredes, a 40-year-old university professor, spent most […]
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