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Mexico raises interest rates in bid to shore up peso after Trump elected

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Banco de Mxico raises key interest rates by 0.5% as it warns global economy has become more complex after Donald Trumps election as US president Mexicos central bank raised interest rates on Thursday in an attempt to shore up the countrys currency, which has collapsed following Donald Trumps election as US president. The Banco de Mxico raised its key interest rate by 0.5% to 5.25% as it warned that the global economy had become more complex as a consequence of the electoral process carried out in the United States and its result. The increase in the rate from 4.75-5.25% takes […]

Globalisation: the rise and fall of an idea that swept the world

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The long read: Its not just a populist backlash many economists who once swore by free trade have changed their minds, too. How had they got it so wrong? The annual January gathering of the World Economic Forum in Donald Trump, who vowed to withdraw from major trade deals, appeared to jeopardise the trading relationships of the worlds richest country. Forthcoming elections in France and Germany suddenly seemed to bear the possibility of anti-globalisation parties garnering better results than ever before. The barbarians werent at the gates to the ski-lifts yet but they werent very far. In a panel titled […]

‘Feminist’ Canada has workplace gender gap worth $150bn, says report

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Despite Justin Trudeaus efforts to stress his countrys female-friendly credentials, a new report has identified a substantial gender gap in its workplaces. Is Canadas feminist image too good to be true? Canadas prime minister is a first gender-equal cabinet made headlines worldwide. Recently, his government has released what has been called the first 124-page report, it describes tackling enduring gender inequalities at work as a considerable economic opportunity for Canada, which it predicts could add upwards of $150bn to the countrys GDP by 2026. McKinseys Tiffany Vogel data from Canadas national statistics agency shows that for every $1 a man […]
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