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Why This Photo Of Brazilian Protestors Is Sparking A National Debate

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Nearly 2 million Brazilians demanded  an end to Dilma Rousseff‘s scandal-filled presidency in a wave of demonstrations on Sunday. But one protest image in particular brought into focus another highly charged issue: the division of race and social classes.  A photographer from Correio Braziliense newspaper took a picture of protesters Claudio and Carolina Maia Pracownik, walking their dog through Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. Their nanny, Maria Angélica Lima, trails behind them in a white uniform, pushing their two young daughters in a stroller. The photo of the wealthy family and their nanny rapidly went viral and sparked a heated, national debate that highlighted the divisions and […]

We wont accept a coup: groups unite to save beleaguered Dilma Rousseff

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As the Brazilian presidents position weakens, an unlikely popular movement is rallying to her side and many of them do not support her party The song of a bygone struggle against dictatorship echoed through Brazils cities last week as trade unionists, social activists and musicians rallied against what they see as a coup against president Dilma Rousseff. Geraldo Vandrs 1968 melody Pra no dizer que no falei das Flores (So they cant say I didnt sing about the flowers) harks back to an era of flower power and brutal military rule, but it has been revived in a very modern […]

Brazil turns right as old elite wastes no time erasing Workers’ party influence

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In just a week, centre-right government has scaled back social policies as ideological shift already has sparked outrage and fear of going backward It is just a week since bolsa familia poverty relief system. Four thousand government jobs have been cut. The culture ministry has been subsumed into education. For the interim government and its supporters, these austerity measures represent sound fiscal management as they attempt to rein in the governments budget deficit and restore market confidence in Brazil, which has seen its sovereign debt rating who is suspended pending her impeachment trial in the senate. Renato Boschi, a professor […]

What’s next for Brazil after Dilma Rousseff?

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(CNN)Brazil’s problems cannot be solved merely by a change at the top. Even with Dilma Rousseff out as President, the road ahead for Brazil won’t be easy. She leaves behind an economy in its second straight year of recession, an unemployment rate of nearly 11% and a multimillion-dollar looming statewide corruption scandal that leaves almost no politician unscathed. Here’s a deeper look at the major obstacles ahead for the world’s ninth largest economy: New president inherits problems Rousseff faced… Financial crisis in Brazil By conservative estimates, new President Michel Temer inherits about $72.5 billion, or 250 billion Brazilian real, debt, […]
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