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The Shocking, Bloody Tale of Mexicos Most Corrupt Governor

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TIJUANA, MexicoIm good, thanks, said Mexicos worst living former governor at his extradition hearing on Wednesday, when asked by a Guatemalan judge if he wanted the Mexican embassy to be informed of his arrest. From what I understand, Mexico is totally aware of the situation, said the now disgraced politician, politely noting that Mexican federal authorities were present during his arrest at a Guatemalan resort last Saturday. But beyond those who were present and involved, this week just about everyone in Mexico was watching details of the high-profile arrest emerge, and opining on the governors detention, which finally came about […]

The Scarface of Sex: The Millionaire Playboy Who Murdered His Way to the Top of Porn

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On Friday, Nov. 13, 1970, Michael Thevis slipped into his office early for an important meeting. With balding hair and a tidy goatee, the 38-year-old business owner looked like any other executive working in downtown Atlanta. His company headquarters spanned an entire city block of historic Marietta Street and commanded annual profits of $25 millionmore than Hewlett-Packard or Hershey Foods. But Thevis wasnt in computers or chocolate. He was in Americas hottest new commodity: pornography. He liked to boast that 99 percent of Americas adult magazines and films flowed through his sprawling warehouse, where 300 workers arrived every day. In […]
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