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Signs of lasting trauma in people evicted to make way for giant mine in Ecuador

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Battles with the government and army over land and mining rights has caused indigenous Shuar people long-term psychological damage, report says Months after they were evicted from their homes to make way for a mine, almost half the population of an Ecuadorian village is suffering from psychological damage, experts have said. Psychiatrists found 42% of the indigenous Shuar people of Tsuntsuim village suffering from mental health problems and trauma. Many of the villagers had been involved in violent confrontations with Ecuadors military as they were removed from their homes. The mental ordeal has manifested itself in depression, severe headaches, insomnia, […]

Land grab in Amazon jungle threatens dispossession, violence and murder

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President Temer is courting the mining companies and their political backers by breaking into pristine rainforest On 23 August it emerged that the president of Brazil, Michel Temer, had issued a decree abolishing the protected status of an immense area of the corruption charges and needing political allies. There are more than 30 registered political parties in Brazil, and to get anything done in Congress they form bancadas (benches or coalitions). One of the most powerful is the bancada ruralista, consisting of powerful, wealthy agribusiness interests (mostly cattle and soya) together with those who represent mining and other extractive industries. […]
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