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Venezuela to vote on constituent assembly after months of protests

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Critics warn that a vote to create the 545-member assembly with power to rewrite constitution will damage democracy Venezuelas beleaguered government appeared prepared to go ahead with a vote on Sunday that critics at home and abroad have warned will seal the demise of the oil-rich nations democracy. At least five people were killed last week after the opposition stepped up its protests against the controversial vote that will elect a 545-member constituent assembly with the power to rewrite the constitution and dissolve state institutions. A government legislate was hamstrung by a supreme court decision in April, prompting the protests. […]

‘At home, we couldnt get by’: more Venezuelans flee as crisis deepens

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As Venezuela falls further into turmoil, more of its citizens are leaving a country that once served as a haven for economic migrants and political refugees There are no luxuries in the four-room house in southern Bogot, where 12 recently arrived Venezuelans huddle on thin mattresses under even thinner blankets to ward off the Andean mountain chill. They have no hot water, and what few furnishings they have were salvaged from a nearby dump. They work 12-hour shifts at car washes or kitchens, earning between $6.50 and $13 a day. Because most do not have work permits, they are under […]
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