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Antisocial media?

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As Facebook finds itself publicly on the hook for enabling Russian agents to spread divisive propaganda via its platform, be it in the form of fake news, ‘dark ads‘, issue pushing Facebook pages, and even political rallies organized using its Event tools, there’s another side to the story of how tech tools are impacting the democratic process currently playing out in Catalonia, where the regional government has been pushing for independence from Spain. To some, the Catalan political crisis has been a long time coming. It has its roots in the linguistic and cultural repression suffered by Catalans under the Franco dictatorship, and […]

Catalonia independence declaration would not be recognised, says France

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French European affairs minister urges both sides to negotiate their way out of crisis triggered by last weeks referendum France has said it will not recognise Catalonia if the regional government presses ahead with a unilateral declaration of independence from Spain, and urged both sides to negotiate their way out of the crisis triggered by last weeks 90% of participants voted for independence in the referendum on 1 October, with 2.3 million of Catalonias 5.3 million registered voters casting a ballot. Play Video 2:31 Show Hide Despite growing pressure from domestic political parties, the Spanish government has made it clear […]

An independent Catalonia: practicalities of leaving Spain

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Catalonia has much of the paraphernalia of statehood, but seceding from Spain as Britains Brexit process has shown wont be straightforward The immediate practical consequences of Catalan independence like those of the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal would have far-reaching implications for the region, its businesses and its people. As with warnings of City firms fleeing a hard Brexit, industry is already alarmed: half a dozen Spanish companies, including major banks, are Show Hide The Spanish government argues that any referendum on Catalan independence would be illegal because the countrys 1978 constitution makes no provision for […]

Catalonia: Spanish PM vows to use any means to stop independence

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Rajoy says he rules out absolutely nothing, warning that Madrid would suspend regions autonomy if necessary The Spanish prime minister has insisted that he will stop the Catalan government declaring independence over the coming days, warning that the Spanish authorities would suspend the regions autonomy and take control from Madrid if necessary. In an millions of Catalans voted in a referendum declared illegal by the Spanish government and the countrys constitutional court, Rajoy described the Catalan independence crisis as an issue for Europe as a whole. This is a European battle, he said. Its a battle in which the values […]

Catalans to celebrate their national day with independence protests

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Hundreds of thousands will gather across Catalonia less than a month before regional governments controversial referendum On Monday afternoon, hundreds of thousands of people will gather across Catalonia to remember a disastrous defeat. Many among them, however, will be hoping that an equally momentous victory is not too far off. Although Catalonias national day, the Diada, commemorates the fall of Barcelona in the Spanish war of succession in 1714 and the regions subsequent loss of institutions and freedoms it recently has come to serve a rather different purpose. Since 2012, the event has become an overtly political affair for those […]

Catalonias response to terror shows it is ready for independence | Luke Stobart

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In their response to terror the people of Catalonia have persuaded Spain they are ready for independence, writes Luke Stobart, a lecturer writer on Spanish affairs Horrific events like the exhibit solidarity with the recent victims halting the the assaults of 2015-16. A pledge made by a majority of Catalan MPs. Despite Catalan wishes, the referendum will be unilateral; the Spanish government has vehemently opposed a bilateral vote, and it has also been prohibited by the courts. This has caused much resentment: over dirty war involving collusion between government, fraud officials and the media and the barring from office of […]

Splits in Catalonia’s pro-independence campaign before key vote

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Catalan president criticised after minister sacked for admitting that Spain could block planned referendum on independence Divisions have emerged within Carles Puigdemont, with voters to be asked: Do you want Catalonia to be an independent country in the form of a republic? The conservative government of Spains prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, has vowed to use all the means at its disposal to stop the referendum from taking place, arguing that it would be a clear violation of the countrys constitution. To all Catalans, to all Spaniards, I want to tell you to maintain confidence in the future as authoritarian delusions […]
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