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An independent Catalonia: practicalities of leaving Spain

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Catalonia has much of the paraphernalia of statehood, but seceding from Spain as Britains Brexit process has shown wont be straightforward The immediate practical consequences of Catalan independence like those of the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal would have far-reaching implications for the region, its businesses and its people. As with warnings of City firms fleeing a hard Brexit, industry is already alarmed: half a dozen Spanish companies, including major banks, are Show Hide The Spanish government argues that any referendum on Catalan independence would be illegal because the countrys 1978 constitution makes no provision for […]

Tory Brexit policy is chaotic. The fightback must begin at once | David Miliband

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Democracy did not end in June last year. It is essential MPs have a say on the future or the country may be driven off a cliff For many years Britons and Americans have been proud of the quality of their governance. Yet today our politics and government are setting new standards for dysfunction. Rather than stability and global leadership there is confusion. The US is suffering from a serious inability to legislate. There is a genuine risk of the country defaulting on its debts. Jeb Bush called Donald Trump the chaos candidate, but as the American writer even on […]
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