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For Catalans, the Question Is Compliance or Defiance to Madrid

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Normal weekend routines like shopping, soccer and strolling prevailed in Catalonia even as the first test of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s decision to take over the breakaway region approached, with Catalans weighing compliance versus defiance. When schools and government offices open Monday, teachers and civil servants will decide whether to follow the ousted Catalan leaders’ calls to resist their Spanish masters or acquiesce to the new reality. A smooth transition in the Catalan police force, with the new chief accepting Madrid’s rule, marked an initial success for Rajoy. "The more moderate and pragmatic elements probably realize they’re not going to […]

Spain Vows to Double Down on Catalonia Opposition

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Spain moved to turn the screws on Catalonia as the European Union refused to recognize the rebel region’s bid for independence, sending the country into its biggest crisis since the end of Francisco Franco’s dictatorship and threatening to unravel a four-decade old democratic settlement. After a day of violence in the region on Sunday when the central government sent in police to disrupt voting in an illegal referendum on independence, Justice Minister Rafael Catala said it would use all the tools at its disposal — including if necessary the suspension of Catalonia’s autonomy — to enforce the rule of law. […]

Spain Hires Cruise Liner to House Police in Rebel Catalonia

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Spain has discreetly hired ferries to be moored in the Port of Barcelona as temporary housing for possibly thousands of police specially deployed to keep order in rebel Catalonia and help suppress an illegal independence

Catalonias response to terror shows it is ready for independence | Luke Stobart

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In their response to terror the people of Catalonia have persuaded Spain they are ready for independence, writes Luke Stobart, a lecturer writer on Spanish affairs Horrific events like the exhibit solidarity with the recent victims halting the the assaults of 2015-16. A pledge made by a majority of Catalan MPs. Despite Catalan wishes, the referendum will be unilateral; the Spanish government has vehemently opposed a bilateral vote, and it has also been prohibited by the courts. This has caused much resentment: over dirty war involving collusion between government, fraud officials and the media and the barring from office of […]
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