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Oh, COME ON! Nikki Haley didn’t give Donald Trump a funny look over his Venezuela comment. Watch the ENTIRE clip

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There’s a quickly emerging meme on Twitter right now that is accusing U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley of giving President Trump a funny look when he said earlier tonight that he’s not ruling out a military option to deal with Venezuela. But if you look at the whole video — which we included in our post from earlier — it’s clear that there was nothing odd about Haley’s reactions and it was just a quick moment caught in one frame. First up, the memes: Nikki Haley has this quizzical, worried look on her face… This is not a smiling national security […]

Labour MP: US sanctions on Venezuela ‘not right’ – BBC News

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Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionMaduro or Blair? Newsnight’s Evan Davies challenges Chris Williamson on his political philosophy A Labour MP has criticised the United States’ decision to impose sanctions on the Venezuelan president, who the US called a “dictator”. Chris Williamson said it would be “better to facilitate talks” between government and opposition. Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has faced pressure from some MPs to condemn President Nicolas Maduro, after voicing his support in the past. The president has held a controversial vote for a constitutional assembly. Two opposition leaders who boycotted the election – denouncing it […]

Deadly Clashes Erupt As Venezuela Holds Widely Boycotted Election

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Anti-Maduro activists wearing hoods or masks erected barricades on roads, and scuffles broke out with security forces who moved in quickly to disperse demonstrators who denounced the election as a naked power grab by the president. Maduro, widely disliked for overseeing an unraveling of Venezuelas economy, has promised the assembly will bring peace by way of a new constitution after four months of opposition protests in which more than 120 people have been killed. The Trump administration is considering imposing U.S. sanctions on Venezuelas vital oil sector in response to Sundays election, U.S. officials said. Flames erupt as clashes break […]

Japanese fungus spreading in UK hospitals – BBC News

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Candida auris is proving hard to stop because it has developed some resistance to the drug doctors normally use against it. As of July, 20 separate NHS trusts and independent hospitals in the UK had detected Candida auris. More than 35 other hospitals have had patients known to be colonised with Candida auris transferred to them. Three hospitals have seen large outbreaks that have been difficult to control, despite intensive infection prevention and control measures. These outbreaks have now been declared over, however, Public Health England says.

Brazil Strips Massive Amazon Reserve Of Protection To Allow Mining

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A huge forest reserve in the Amazon, home to indigenous groups and astounding biodiversity, is to be stripped of its protection and opened up to mining by the Brazilian government. The reserve, created in 1984, is now going to allow exploratory mining of gold and valuable minerals over at least a third of its area. Straddling the northern Brazilian states of Amapá and Pará, the National Reserve of Copper and Associates (Renca) covers roughly 46,000 square kilometers (17,800 square miles) of lush tropical rainforest containing a wealth of wildlife as well as being the home of indigenous peoples. But it […]

Venezuela’s currency now worth less than ‘World of Warcraft’ gold

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Inflation in Venezuelas crisis-wracked economy has become so bad that the countrys official currency, the Bolívar, is now worth less than the fake gold used in Azeroth, the setting of the popular online role-playing game World of Warcraft. Dolar Today, a website that tracks the black market rate of the Venezuelan currency, puts the exchange rate at about 10,987 Bolívars per dollar as of Friday morning. In comparison, the current gold price of a World of Warcraft token is about 7,288 gold pieces per dollar. While in reality nobody actually trades in World of Warcraft gold, the comparison highlights the abysmal […]

This Video Of A Little League Pitcher Being Consoled By The Opposing Team Will Remind You Good People Actually DO Exist!

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Now THIS is sportsmanship! Just moments after giving up a walk-off hit during the Little League World Series on Monday, a visibly upset Edward Uceta of the Dominican Republic was consoled by members of the Venezuela team after letting the championship slip through his fingers. Poor thing!!

Trump condemns Venezuela jailing 2 opposition leaders

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President Donald Trump condemned the actions of Venezuela President Nicolas Maduros government on Tuesday night after opposition leaders Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma were dragged from their homes by state security agents and sent back to prison. The United States condemns the actions of the Maduro dictatorship, the White House said in a statement. Mr. Lopez and Mr. Ledezma are political prisoners being held illegally by the regime,” the statement read. “The United States holds Maduro – who publicly announced just hours earlier that he would move against his political opposition – personally responsible for the health and safety of […]

Catalonias response to terror shows it is ready for independence | Luke Stobart

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In their response to terror the people of Catalonia have persuaded Spain they are ready for independence, writes Luke Stobart, a lecturer writer on Spanish affairs Horrific events like the exhibit solidarity with the recent victims halting the the assaults of 2015-16. A pledge made by a majority of Catalan MPs. Despite Catalan wishes, the referendum will be unilateral; the Spanish government has vehemently opposed a bilateral vote, and it has also been prohibited by the courts. This has caused much resentment: over dirty war involving collusion between government, fraud officials and the media and the barring from office of […]
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