These Are The Lives Cut Tragically Short In Paris

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The death toll from last week’s terrorist attack in Paris has risen to 130, French authorities announced on Friday. The total previously stood at 129, with the bodies of all of those victims identified.

People from at least 15 countries were killed in the attacks. At least 100 families traveled to France to identify the bodies.

Details have slowly begun to emerge about the identities of those who lost their lives, among them a 23-year-old design student from America. Many of the those killed or injured were young people hailing from around the globe, with victims from countries including Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Mexico and Chile.

On Monday, French President Francois Hollande confirmed the victims comprise 19 different nationalities. 

Below are those who have been identified by friends, relatives or employers in media reports.

  • Nick Alexander, 36

    Nick Alexander, a British citizen, was selling merchandise for the Eagles of Death Metal, the band playing at the Bataclan theater when gunmen burst in and began firing. 

    “Nick died doing the job he loved and we take great comfort in knowing how much he was cherished by his friends around the world,” his family said in a statement, according to the BBC.

  • Jean-Jacques Amiot, 68

    Amiot was a silkscreen printer, father, grandfather and fan of rock music. He died at the Bataclan.

    “He was a peaceful, gentle man,” Amiot’s brother Patrick told the Telegram.

  • Armelle Pumir Anticevic, 46

    Anticevic was a print production manager at Logic Design marketing agency in Paris. Her death at the Bataclan was confirmed by her firm which said, in a memorial post on their website, she “embodied strength and happiness.”

    She is survived by her husband, Joseph, and her two children, Shana and Milan.

  • Thomas Ayad

    Thomas Ayad, an executive with Universal Music, was killed at the Bataclan theater. The company’s chairman confirmed the news in a letter to colleagues and called the loss an “unspeakably appalling tragedy,” according to the Los Angeles Times.
  • Quentin Boulanger, 29

    Boulanger was killed at the Bataclan. He was originally from Reims but lived in the 17th arrondissement in Paris and led marketing projects at the French cosmetics company L’Oreal Paris, according to AP.

    His death was confirmed by the Algerian Press Service, which cited diplomatic officials, according to the BBC.

  • Maxime Bouffard, 26

    Bouffard was a French filmmaker who died at the attack on the Bataclan club, according to France Bleu.
  • Ludovic Boumbas, 40

    Ludovic Boumbas, a 40-year-old FedEx employee, was killed at La Belle Equipe, one of the locations attacked by the terrorist. He was at the bar celebrating a friend’s birthday, according to Liberation.

    “FedEx extends our deepest sympathies to the victims and families of those touched by the tragic Paris terror attacks,” the company said in a statement. “It is with great sadness that we report that we have been informed of the death of one of our French team members in the attacks. Our sincerest condolences go to his family, friends, and colleagues. FedEx will continue Paris operations to the extent possible, and we have implemented comprehensive contingency plans.”

  • Elodie Breuil, 23

    Elodie Breuil’s brother, Alexis, told Time that his sister was at the Eagles of Death Metal concert when the gunmen attacked. Time reported on how her family spent anguished hours trying to find her before finding out she was dead. She was among those killed at the Bataclan concert.

    Alexis said Elodie, a design student at Paris art and design school Ecole de Cond Paris, had marched with their mother in a rally following the Charlie Hebdo attacks. They did it to show their support, he said.

    After finding out his sister had been killed, Alexis told Time’s Jay Newton-Small, “All you can do is inform the world about these horrible things that we do to ourselves.”

    Ecole de Cond Paris posted a memorial to Breuil on their Facebook page saying she was a second-year student in Product Design.

  • Claire Camax, 35

    Camax was a graphic designer and a mother of two, according to Le Monde. She died at the Bataclan.
  • Nicolas Catinat, 37

    Catinat, a carpenter, died at the Bataclan, reportedly while trying to protect his friends during the attack.

    His death was announced by the deputy mayor of Domont, Catinat’s home town.

  • Ciprian Calciu, 32, and Mariana Lacramioara Pop, 29

    The couple, who were from Romania, were celebrating a birthday at the Belle Equipe on Friday night when it was attacked, the Telegraph reported.

    They reportedly had one young son together, and Pop also had a daughter from a previous relationship.

    “I’m so glad they didn’t take their son that night,” Calciu’s cousin, Ancuta Iuliana Calciu, told AP.

    At the gate of the Pop family home, flowers and candles were placed in memorial of her.

  • Baptiste Chevreau, 24

    Chevreau, a musician, died at the attack on the Bataclan, according to multiple reports. Hundreds from his home town of Tonnerre gathered Monday to honor all of the victims of the attacks and paid special tribute to Chevreau.
  • Nicolas Classeau, 43

    Classeau was the director of the University of Marne-la-Vallee, according to Le Parisien. He died at the Bataclan.

    Classeau was 43 years old and the father of three children, all under the ages of 16, according to AP.

    “Words fail to describe the sadness we currently experiencing … A thought for all the dead of this barbarism and their families,” a memorial post from the university’s Facebook page read.

  • Marie-Aime Dalloz, 35

    Dalloz, a mother, employed by finance company  Amundi, died at the Belle Equipe cafe.
  • Matthieu de Rorthais, 32

    de Rorthais, a cancer survivor and avid music fan, died at the Bataclan.
  • Manuel Colao Dias, 63

    Dias, a Portuguese national, had lived in Paris for more than 40 years. He was the only person who died near the Stade de France, where three attackers blew themselves up. He left behind a wife and two children.

    The Portuguese prime minister expressed his “most sincere condolences” in a letter to Dias’ family.

    Dias’ two sons went to Paris upon hearing the news of their father’s death, a Portuguese news outlet reported.

    Sophie Colaco Dias, his daughter, told AP that when he arrived at the stadium, he called his wife saying that he decided he would stay outside of the stadium, rather than buying a ticket, so they could chat.

    “But my mum was already speaking with me on another line,” Sophie said. “She told my father that she would call him back. After that, she constantly reached his voicemail.”

  • Vincent Detoc, 38

    Detoc was an architect, a lover of music, guitar player and father, according to Le Parisien. He died at the Bataclan.
  • Asta Diakite

    Asta Diakite’s cousin, soccer player Lassana Diarra, eulogized her  on Twitter:

    “I was personally touched by the attacks. My cousin, Asta Diakite, was among the victims of the shootings yesterday, like hundreds of other innocent French people, he wrote. In this climate of terror, it is important for us all, who are representatives of our countries and of their diversity, to speak out and stay united in the face of a horror that has neither color nor religion.”

  • Romain Didier, 32, and Lamia Mondeguer

    Romain Didier, quil est dur se rveiller aujourdhui et dmerger de cette nappe de brouillard. Quil est dur de se…

    Posted by Crocodiles Rugby on  Saturday, November 14, 2015

    Didier studied drama and was a manager at the Little Temple Bar for several years, according to the AP. He also was a rugby player and played with a team named Crocodiles Rugby. On Facebook, the team posted a moving tribute to him.

    Mondeguer reportedly worked for a talent agency and had made a number of films.

    The couple were near the Belle Equipe bar when the were killed, according to multiple media reports.

  • Guillaume Decherf, 43

    Guillaume Decherf was a reporter for the magazine Les InRocks, where he was a culture and music writer. He recently penned a piece about the Eagles of Death Metals latest album, “Zipper Down,” according to the publication. The band was playing at the Bataclan on Friday night when gunmen opened fire.

    Decherf leaves behind two daughters.

    In response to news of his death, his editors wrote, The newspaper is shocked by his death. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones.

    ( via BuzzFeed)

  • Lucie Dietrich, 35

    According to The New York Times, Dietrich, a graphic designer living in Paris, was walking down the Rue de la Fontaine au Roi with her boyfriend when she was shot and killed by an extremist driving by in a car. The Deitrich family, who confirmed the death to the Times, did not know the condition of her boyfriend. 

    Lucie’s brother, a watchmaker, announced on Facebook that he would be creating 13 unique timepieces for family and close friends in memory of her.

  • Romain Dunet, 28

    Dunet, an English teacher at a Paris high school, was killed at the Bataclan on the night of the attacks, the AP reported.

    He was also a musician, playing in Paris bars going by the name Romain Dunay. His sister, Clotilde, told the Otago Daily Times that he was a ”crazy young boy who embraced life to the fullest.”

  • Thomas Duperron, 30
    Duperron was attending the rock show at the Bataclan when he was killed Friday, according to AFP.
  • Aurlie de Peretti, 33

    Aurlie De Peretti’s family spoke to The New York Times and confirmed she was killed during the attacks. Her sister said Aurlie loved to draw and had a vast appreciation for music. She also said the family hasn’t been able to see her sister’s body since the attacks.

    My only concern right now is to be able to bring back her body and bring her with us to the south of France, she said.

    According to a press release from Reporters Without Borders, De Peretti was one of Jean-Marie de Peretti’s daughters, a “longstanding member” of the reporter group and a close friend. 

    “Even the most powerful words are inadequate,” the group said in tribute to de Peretti and Anna Ptard Lieffrig, another victim of the attacks who worked for the organization in 2013. “But please be aware that we share your deep sorrow.”

  • Alban Denuit, 32

    Denuit was an artist and teacher at the Bordeaux Montaigne University, according to Le Monde. The university held a tribute for all victims of the Paris attacks on Monday, paying special tribute to Denuit, the school wrote on Facebook
  • Fabrice DuBois, 46

    Fabrice DuBois, a design editor at an advertising agency, was killed at the Bataclan on Friday night. His company released a statement in response to the news.

    Our thoughts are with his family, his wife, his children, his friends, those with which he worked, the tribute from Publicis Conseil reads. Fabrice will we miss you. We already miss you.

  • Mathias Dymarski, 22, and Marie Lausch, 23

    Dymarski, a BMX bike rider, and his girlfriend Lausch attended the rock show at the Bataclan and died at the music venue.

    “The BMX community lost one of its own in the attacks, as Mathias Dymarski and his girlfriend were among the victims,” a memorial for Dymarski at Transworld’s RIDE BMX magazine reads. “The out pour of love and support shows Mathias was a great dude, and he will be missed dearly by the French BMX scene. As a tribute to Mathias, I have uploaded this video of his recent trip to Spain with friend Theophile Colin which looked like an amazing time. RIP brother.”

    Lausch was a 2015 graduate of France’s NEOMA Business School. The school posted a memorial for her on their Facebook page and said the school would hold a moment of silence for her Monday.

  • Salah Emad el-Gebaly, 28

    el-Gebaly, killed at the Bataclan theater, was one of two Egyptian nationals who died during the Paris attacks, Cairo’s consulate in Paris confirmed to Reuters.
  • Germain Ferey, 36

    Ferey was at the Bataclan when he was killed, according to Normandie Actu. He attended the club with his girlfriend. 
  • Romain Feuillade, 31

    Feuillade was among those killed at the Belle Equipe bar, according to a condolences book for Feuillade in the city hall of Gilly-sur-Isre, Feuillade’s home town, in the Savoie region of France.
  • Suzon Garrigues, 21

    Garrigues was a student at the Paris-Sorbonne University studying modern literature, according to a news release from the university president Barthelemy Jobert. Jobert remembered her as funny and generous.

    She was among those killed at the Bataclan.

  • Christophe Foultier, 39

    Foultier, a father, musician and graphic designer lost his life at the Bataclan, Le Parisien reported.
  • Mayeul Gaubert, 30

    Gaubert was a lawyer who focused primarily on intellectual property issues, the AP reported. He was wounded at the Bataclan and later succumbed to his injuries. 

    Law student group Jurivision posted a tribute to Gaubert on their website saying he was “above all a quick-witted young man, joyful and kind.”

  • Vronique Geoffroy de Bourgies, 54

    Geoffroy de Bourgies was a former model, the founding president of the Zazakely Sambatra charity, and a former journalist with Madame Figaro and Vogue Homme, according to Le Monde.

    Sophie Carquain, a former colleague of Geoffroy de Bourgies, wrote a moving tribute to her friend at Madame Figaro.

  • Matthieu Giroud, 39

    Matthieu Giroud, 39, was a geography lecturer at the University Institute of Marne-la-Valle. He was born outside Grenoble but lived in Paris with his pregnant wife and 3-year-old son.

    He went to the Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan theater with friends. His body was identified on Sunday morning; his family’s pleas for help finding him were publicized with the hashtag #parisrecherche.

  • Michelle Gil Jaimes

    Jaimes hailed from Mexico and once won a beauty contest in her home country, according to a report from Univision.
  • Cdric Gomet, 30

    Gomet worked for the TV5 Monde channel, and on Monday the station observed a moment of silence for their colleague.
  • Juan Alberto Gonzlez Garrido, 29

    Juan Alberto Gonzalez Garrido, a Spanish national working as an electrical engineer, was killed at the Bataclan. Spain’s deputy prime minister confirmed Gonzalez Garrido had died in the attack.
  • Nohemi Gonzalez, 23

    Nohemi Gonzalez, a 23-year-old design student who attended California State University, Long Beach, was in Paris on an exchange program. 

    Gonzalez’s boyfriend, Tim Mraz, posted on Instagram that she was his “best friend.” “Yesterday I lost the most important person in my life. She was my best friend and she will always be my angel forever. I am lost for words. My prayers are with her family. Such a bright soul and the sweetest girl with a smile on her face.

    In a statement, the university’s president, Jane Close Canoley, said, “Im deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Long Beach State University student Nohemi Gonzalez. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this sad time.”

  • Pierre Yves Guyomard and Anne Cornet Guyomard, 29

    Pierre and his wife Anne were killed at the Bataclan the night of the attacks, according to AFP.

    Pierre was a well-known sound engineer, and singer Leslie Winer told AP that he was a “kind human, super-competent, extremely funny and fun-loving.”

    Anne was a pediatric nurse working at a child care center near Saint-Germain-en-Laye, where the couple were married, the AP reported.

  • Grgory Fosse, 28

    Fosse was a music programmer for TV station D17, Le Parisien reported. Fosse was among those killed at the Bataclan club the night of the attacks, according to Le Monde.
  • Thierry Hardouin, 36

    Hardouin was a police officer i n Bobigny, a town in the northeastern suburbs of Paris. He died during the attack on the Belle Equipe restaurant.
  • Raphael Hilz, 28

    Hilz was an architect and one of two German victims in the attacks. He had been working at a firm in Paris for about six months before the attack, the AP reported.
  • Mathieu Hoche, 39

    France 24 lost one of its cameramen at the Bataclan Friday night, the station reported. He had a young child.
  • Djamila Houd, 41

    Houd was originally from Dreux, a town west of Paris, but lived in the capital. L’Echo Republicain said she was killed at a cafe on the Rue de Charonne. Houd worked as a receptionist for Isabel Marant, a prestigious Paris-based fashion label, according to Women’s Wear Daily. 

    Isabel and her team are devastated by the catastrophe and sends their condolences to the families of all victims, Isabel Marant Chief Executive officer Sophie Durufl told WWD.

  • Mohamed Amine Ibnolmobarak, 29

    Moroccan national Mohamed Amine Ibnolmobarak was an architect and had recently married. He was killed during the attack on the Le Carillon restaurant while he was dining with his wife,

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