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Seven Hotspots That Will Dominate Trump’s First Asia Summit

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Donald Trump, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are among 21 leaders meeting in Vietnam this week for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. Together they represent 40 percent of the world’s population and 60 percent of its economy. Here’s a look at the hot issues around the globe that are likely to dominate discussions: North Korea’s Nukes The biggest threat to regional stability is North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, but finding a way to defuse it remains elusive. It’s rising tensions in the Gulf, with Saudi Arabia blaming Iran-backed Yemeni rebels for an attempted missile attack on Riyadh’s international airport on […]

Donald Trump threatens to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea in UN speech

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President castigates a small group of rogue regimes and says Iran nuclear deal an embarrassment to the United States Donald Trump has threatened to George W Bushs Axis of Evil State of the Union address more than 15 years earlier, Trump said: The scourge of our planet today are a small group of rogue regimes. If the righteous many do not confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph, the president said. He first singled out his newly adopted epithet for Kim Jong-un, Trump said: Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. He said […]

Travel Ban 3.0 Would Be Bulletproof If Not for Trumps Remarks

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President Donald Trump’s litany of derogatory comments about Muslims before the election might still be enough to sink his latest attempt at a travel ban, although immigration advocates will have a tougher time persuading judges to block it, legal experts say. Unlike the earlier versions, which targeted several Muslim-majority nations, Trump’s new executive order has the look and feel of a more well-considered presidential directive — the kind that courts generally seek to avoid second-guessing, said Peter Spiro, an immigration law professor at Temple University in Philadelphia. Trump’s comments about Muslims appear to be the only remaining legal vulnerability for […]

Trump Restricts or Bans Travel From Eight Countries

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President Donald Trump restricted or suspended travel to the U.S. from eight countries, adding North Korea and Venezuela, while subtracting Sudan, from his earlier ban on travelers from six Muslim-majority nations. “I must act to protect the security and interests of the United States and its people,” Trump wrote in Sunday’s

Trump Aides Defend Rocket Man Tag in UN Speech on North Korea

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President Read More: Macron Uses UN Pedestal to Rebut Trump on Iran, Climate North Korea has been the most urgent issue before the UN since the Kim regime’s Sept. 3 test of what it claimed was a hydrogen bomb and the launching of two missiles over Japan in the past month. Trump thanked both Russia and China for their support for the latest round of sanctions on North Korea but indirectly criticized China for continuing to trade with the isolated nation. He also cited “threats to sovereignty, from the Ukraine to the South China Sea,” unambiguous references to actions by […]

A blunt, fearful rant: Trump’s UN speech left presidential norms in the dust

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His maiden address was unlike any delivered by a US president, and when it was over a sense of incoherence and menace hung in the air Donald Trumps maiden address to the UN general assembly was unlike any ever delivered in the chamber by a US president. There are precedents for such fulminations, but not from US leaders. In tone, the speech was more reminiscent of Nikita Khrushchev, Fidel Castro or Hugo Chvez. It did echo George W Bushs 2002 axis of evil speech. That was delivered to a domestic audience, and there was little doubt that in his mind […]

China is angry, but what can it do about North Korea?

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Xi Jinping has few options to bring Kim Jong-un into line but he also has to contend with the unpredictable Donald Trump On Friday afternoon, the eve of North Koreas most powerful ever nuclear test, Chinas football-loving president received a gift from the worlds greatest ever player. Good luck, read the handwritten message from Pel on a canary yellow Brazil jersey the last round of UN resolution sanctions, textile products and clothing is now the most important source of foreign income for North Korea, says Zhao. Xi could also deprive Kim of another key source of revenue by agreeing to […]

In 1939, I didnt hear war coming. Now its thundering approach cant be ignored | Harry Leslie Smith

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Author Harry Leslie Smith remembers the prelude to the second world war and there are worrying echoes now A chill of remembrance has come over me during this August month. It feels as if the 2017 summer breeze is being scattered by the winds of war blowing from across our world towards Britain, just like they were in 1939. In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia teeters towards anarchy and Dont Let My Past Be Your Future is published by Constable & Robinson on 14 September Read more:
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