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We wont accept a coup: groups unite to save beleaguered Dilma Rousseff

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As the Brazilian presidents position weakens, an unlikely popular movement is rallying to her side and many of them do not support her party The song of a bygone struggle against dictatorship echoed through Brazils cities last week as trade unionists, social activists and musicians rallied against what they see as a coup against president Dilma Rousseff. Geraldo Vandrs 1968 melody Pra no dizer que no falei das Flores (So they cant say I didnt sing about the flowers) harks back to an era of flower power and brutal military rule, but it has been revived in a very modern […]

Venezuelans launch 2-day strike against Maduro as US slaps sanctions

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(CNN)Thousands of Venezuelans are rallying against President Nicolas Maduro’s regime, and now the United States is joining them. “As President Trump has made clear, the United States will not ignore the Maduro regime’s ongoing efforts to undermine democracy, freedom, and the rule of law,” Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin said in a statement. The decision was followed by a 24-hour strike that turned violent. Now, both sides are rallying support ahead of the July 30 vote. Before the strike began, opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez urged Venezuelans to keep up protests in a 15-minute video posted online. Lopez called Maduro and […]

Venezuela crisis: US imposes fresh sanctions in effort to stop rewrite of constitution

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Sanctions unveiled for alleged human rights abuses and corruption, as opposition activists launch 48-hour strike before vote on constitution rewrite The United States Nicols Maduro as opposition activists launched a 48-hour strike in protest against an upcoming vote they say will mark the end of democracy. The sanctions unveiled on Wednesday targeted current and former government officials, high-ranking military officers, and managers of the state oil company known as PDVSA for alleged human rights abuses, undermining democracy and corruption. But they were also part of an international effort to pressure Maduro to cancel this Sundays election to a day after […]

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Brazil turns right as old elite wastes no time erasing Workers’ party influence

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In just a week, centre-right government has scaled back social policies as ideological shift already has sparked outrage and fear of going backward It is just a week since bolsa familia poverty relief system. Four thousand government jobs have been cut. The culture ministry has been subsumed into education. For the interim government and its supporters, these austerity measures represent sound fiscal management as they attempt to rein in the governments budget deficit and restore market confidence in Brazil, which has seen its sovereign debt rating who is suspended pending her impeachment trial in the senate. Renato Boschi, a professor […]

Venezuela’s political crisis explained

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Caracas (CNN)Venezuelans have been summoned to the polls on Sunday to vote for a new lawmaking body, to be known as the Constituent Assembly. The newly elected body would rewrite the 1999 constitution, the cornerstone of former President Hugo Chavez’s “Bolivarian Revolution,” which extended presidential term limits and allowed for indefinite reelections. A two-day general strike was organized by the opposition in defiance of the vote. Businesses throughout Caracas were shuttered on the first day of the strike Wednesday, as barricades blocked the streets. Maduro critics also held an unofficial vote on July 16 to demonstrate public opposition. Over 7 […]

Venezuela to vote amid crisis: all you need to know

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Nicols Maduro has convened a national vote on 30 July to elect a group to redraft the constitution a move that his many opponents call a power grab Tensions are near breaking point in Venezuela ahead of a vote on 30 July which the beleaguered president, Nicols Maduro, says will stabilize the flailing country home to the worlds largest oil reserves and which the opposition describes as a bald-faced power grab. Nicols Maduro. Photograph: Miraflores Press Handout/EPA What is happening on 30 July? Maduro has convened a national vote to elect a Constituent Assembly to redraft the countrys constitution. 364 […]

Spain braces itself for unwanted gift on Christmas Day: a third election

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As political impasse continues, Spain faces real prospect of its third general election in just over a year on 25 December With the benefit of nearly 250 days of hindsight, Mariano Rajoys words a few hours after Spains told supporters early on 21 December last year. But it wont be easy. Fast-forward eight months, past Junes Rajoy jokingly replied that he didnt dare speculate. Many Spaniards share the fear, even if theyre finding it hard to laugh at the quip. The economy may be unemployment falling and tourist numbers Rajoy has accepted the kings invitation to try to form a […]

Artists Behind Despacito Slam Venezuelan President For Turning Song Into Propaganda

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Maduros remixed version attempted to piggyback on the singles global popularity to sway the Venezuelan people to accept his push to hold an election for a special assembly that would rewrite the constitution to give the president more power. Singer Daddy Yankee, along with song co-author Fonsi, wrote on social media that they were upset to see their work used as a part of a political propaganda effort.Despacito is the most streamed songeveracross the world, and Daddy Yankee is thefirst Latino artist to reach No. 1on Spotify. My music is for everyone who wants to listen to it and enjoy […]

Venezuela Arrests Activist Ahead of National Opposition Protest

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Venezuelan authorities have arrested a once prominent anti-government activist just days before the opposition is set to stage a national protest against the rule of President Nicolas Maduro. Yon Goicoechea, a former student leader who helped the opposition mount one of the most significant challenges to the late Hugo Chavez, was arrested on charges of possessing detonating cords for explosive devices, the ruling socialist party said Monday. Freddy Guevara, a leader of the opposition Popular Will party, told
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