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A powerful Candid Prospective in Should Religion Research Wind up being Showed in Class

A lot more people are becoming turn out to be ghostlike while not religion. Confluence at the same time religions used to be found as a really hard mission while situations among them persist. It is usually would once disguise unlearned hatred in your individual. It includes archaic philosphies related to almost every facets of life. Planet made use of comes found at several colleges. Don’t forget, real Muslims will likely eliminate usa with regards to objectives, along with we will fight for ourselves. Which inturn really is reasonable. For you to create any vibrant minds study Our god and […]

Signs of lasting trauma in people evicted to make way for giant mine in Ecuador

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Battles with the government and army over land and mining rights has caused indigenous Shuar people long-term psychological damage, report says Months after they were evicted from their homes to make way for a mine, almost half the population of an Ecuadorian village is suffering from psychological damage, experts have said. Psychiatrists found 42% of the indigenous Shuar people of Tsuntsuim village suffering from mental health problems and trauma. Many of the villagers had been involved in violent confrontations with Ecuadors military as they were removed from their homes. The mental ordeal has manifested itself in depression, severe headaches, insomnia, […]

Antisocial media?

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As Facebook finds itself publicly on the hook for enabling Russian agents to spread divisive propaganda via its platform, be it in the form of fake news, ‘dark ads‘, issue pushing Facebook pages, and even political rallies organized using its Event tools, there’s another side to the story of how tech tools are impacting the democratic process currently playing out in Catalonia, where the regional government has been pushing for independence from Spain. To some, the Catalan political crisis has been a long time coming. It has its roots in the linguistic and cultural repression suffered by Catalans under the Franco dictatorship, and […]

Catalonia independence declaration would not be recognised, says France

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French European affairs minister urges both sides to negotiate their way out of crisis triggered by last weeks referendum France has said it will not recognise Catalonia if the regional government presses ahead with a unilateral declaration of independence from Spain, and urged both sides to negotiate their way out of the crisis triggered by last weeks 90% of participants voted for independence in the referendum on 1 October, with 2.3 million of Catalonias 5.3 million registered voters casting a ballot. Play Video 2:31 Show Hide Despite growing pressure from domestic political parties, the Spanish government has made it clear […]

Catalonia: Spanish PM vows to use any means to stop independence

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Rajoy says he rules out absolutely nothing, warning that Madrid would suspend regions autonomy if necessary The Spanish prime minister has insisted that he will stop the Catalan government declaring independence over the coming days, warning that the Spanish authorities would suspend the regions autonomy and take control from Madrid if necessary. In an millions of Catalans voted in a referendum declared illegal by the Spanish government and the countrys constitutional court, Rajoy described the Catalan independence crisis as an issue for Europe as a whole. This is a European battle, he said. Its a battle in which the values […]

Spain Vows to Double Down on Catalonia Opposition

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Spain moved to turn the screws on Catalonia as the European Union refused to recognize the rebel region’s bid for independence, sending the country into its biggest crisis since the end of Francisco Franco’s dictatorship and threatening to unravel a four-decade old democratic settlement. After a day of violence in the region on Sunday when the central government sent in police to disrupt voting in an illegal referendum on independence, Justice Minister Rafael Catala said it would use all the tools at its disposal — including if necessary the suspension of Catalonia’s autonomy — to enforce the rule of law. […]

Catholic church to make record divestment from fossil fuels

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More than 40 Catholic institutions will make largest ever faith-based divestment, on the anniversary of the death of St Francis of Assisi More than 40 Catholic institutions are to announce the largest ever faith-based divestment from fossil fuels, on the anniversary of the death of St Francis of Assisi. The sum involved has not been disclosed but the volume of divesting groups is four times higher than a visit by the Italian prime minister, Paolo Gentiloni, to mark St Franciss feast day. Assisis mayor, Stefania Proietti a former climate mitigation professor told the Guardian: When we pay attention to the […]

Mexico City hit by fresh panic as aftershock rocks buildings

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Tremor comes days after earthquake that killed more than 300 A powerful aftershock has caused panic as buildings again swayed in Mexico City just days after more than 300 were killed by the countrys deadliest earthquake for a generation. Rescue and clean-up efforts were temporarily suspended on Saturday amid fears that unstable structures could collapse, causing further anguish for dozens of families whose relatives are still missing under the rubble. Tens of thousands of people have been left homeless and entire areas rendered uninhabitable by last Tuesdays devastating 7.1-magnitude tremor. The earthquake wreaked havoc in parts of the capital, which […]

Spain Hires Cruise Liner to House Police in Rebel Catalonia

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Spain has discreetly hired ferries to be moored in the Port of Barcelona as temporary housing for possibly thousands of police specially deployed to keep order in rebel Catalonia and help suppress an illegal independence

Corrupt Brazilian tycoon among applicants for Portugal’s golden visas

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Leaked documents also show relatives of an Angolan politician accused of bribery bought access to Europe via Portugal Business executives implicated in a Brazilian corruption scandal and relatives of an Angolan politician who has been accused of bribery have secretly bought access to Europe via the government of Portugal. A businessman sentenced to 18 years under house arrest and the former president of a scandal-ridden construction conglomerate are also among those named in a leaked document as having paid hundreds of thousands of euros in their pursuit of a golden visa in Portugal. The news follows Europe under EU rules. […]
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